Exploring various art forms and/or their interaction with animation.


These programs embrace exploration of various art forms, from photography to visual arts, scenic arts and/or their interaction with animation. They usually are carried out as school holiday activities or emerge as a result of working partnerships with other cultural organizations.


Cineconcerts are an activity that allows CLIA Anilupa to expand its cultural agenda and participate in events outside its headquarters and at the same time promote and disseminate the films made in animation workshops. Many of the CINECONCERTS were implemented in collaboration with Casa da Música.

Creation Project

Within the scope of the “Artistic Creation Project” program, an initiative promoted by Porto City Council, CLIA Anilupa developed activities during the 2018/2019 and 2017/2018 school years. Each school year, 4 groups of children from different primary schools were involved in creative processes in different areas of art.


As part of the programme of National Day of Historic Centers 2016, CLIA Anilupa held an open Animation workshop “Animated wall”, inspired in MOBIUS: A Stop-Motion Animated Sculpture. Sculptural elements of the Fernandina Wall were built by various groups of participants and later, manipulated and filmed in a public event, in Ribeira, a historic riverside area of Porto. Here is the result of this workshop.

Porto Project