Through educational processes, groups of children, young people and adults are involved in the production of animation films, actively participating in all phases of creation.


The making of short films through educational processes involving children, young people and adults is based on active participation of the groups, from the first to the last phase of the process, including: script creation, storyboard creation, construction of scenography and characters, filming and sound.​

The cinematographic works carried out in these workshops can be viewed online at our DIGITAL FILM LIBRARY.


"TAMBÉM NÓS" was a project created by CLIA Anilupa as part of an application to the ICA/Ministry of Culture program to support film production and train cinema audiences in schools.

This project aimed to reflect on the role of ART in cinematographic language in the school environment. Developed over 3 years, between 2014 and 2017, the project challenged students from various public, private, professional, artistic and special education schools to create their own animated films.

The films made as part of this initiative can be viewed in the CLIA Anilupa's Film Library by searching for the title of the film:

  • Os direitos da criança
  • Para a ilha do tesouro
  • No monte dos pássaros brancos
  • Nós e o mundo
  • A vida… por aí
  • O meu quarto
  • Álbuns de família
  • O medo não tem fim
  • L lhobo que bieno de Espanha
  • FACTORY 3656

Watch the project video below:


Aware of the multiplicity of content in our museums, Anilupa began an innovative process of educational, cultural and artistic intervention, where cinema, knowledge and memory could complement each other. Out of this connection came animated films made by students from the city of Porto, based on the content worked on with the teams from the educational services of the museums visited. Five animated films emerged from this project, which can be viewed in the Anilupa's Film Library.